We Ruined The Neighborhood

by Challenges

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Samarth Kanal
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Samarth Kanal one of the best pop punk albums I've listened to. still holds up even now. Favorite track: Drop The "R".
Wyle Koods
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Wyle Koods Anyone in Central MA that is just getting into their 20s will tell you that Challenges is a gem of the local pop-punk/hardcore scene. With such a great following of good people, their live shows were the best. I'll forever love me some Challenges. Favorite track: I-90.
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released July 30, 2011

Say-10 Records

Corey Maynard - Vocals
Brian Dempsey - Guitar/Backing Vocals
Danny Massei - Guitar
Brandon Thomas- Bass
RJ Sumblin - Drums

Christian Holden - Vocals on "Drop the "R""
Zack Shaw - Vocals on "It's Been Real"

Engineer - Ian Van Opijnen of Echo Room Productions
Mastering - Greg Parker of Amped Recording



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Challenges Worcester, Massachusetts

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Track Name: No One Cares About Your Hat-Trick
We ruined the neighborhood, we got kicked out and kicked around. We are the worst neighbors ever. From Late night jams to party plans, to burning rubber. We are the worst neighbors ever.
Don't waste your breath on teenage youth, we've got these hopes and dreams it's more than what it seems. You're in a mid-life crisis. We know you'll never find us. So lock your doors and call the cops, we won't stop. We wish your children all the best, they'll end up just like all the rest. Just another worthless dead-beat dead, so take a look at yourself.
Can't you see you're the one with the issues? To name a few, you pick fights with kids that can't stand you. You care too much, but we don't care enough, because a middle-aged man really aint' that tough.
We ruined the neighborhood, we got kicked out and kicked around. We are the worst neighbors ever.
Track Name: Apollo II
We're running against the clock, but you're just running in place.
Fate works against me today, just like bone against steel.
Track Name: Drop The "R"
Catching smoke, letting go of everything that was sixteen. The story's wearing thin just like these broken bones underneath my skin. I was never meant for something grand, chances left with summer hand in hand. So let's make the best of this.

Sixteen years and sixteen candles, is so much more than I can handle. A troubled boy with troubled thoughts. I hate what I have until it's all lost. A bitter mind with even worse intentions. A thousand sins and not a single confession.

We're just a ship sinking slowly, we're all just drowning for someone.

I'll drive this ship into the rocks, I'll watch all of you drown. I won't make a sound, not a word will come out. I'll watch you sink into the sea to join the vessels that you sank. You'll fall twenty thousand feet and keep your secrets underneath.

I'll let it go, let it all go. I've got these friends to pick me up when I am down. So please don't let me drown.

The water's freezing. I've got no reason to hold on. The water's freezing, and I can't simply go on.

We're just a ship sinking slowly. We're all just drowning for someone, we're all just drowning for love.
Track Name: I Was Always Good At Lying
Your rocket crash landed on this bitter planet. Your mission of lying ends up with you crying. From the words that we both spoke, you're hands were wrapped around my throat, but I'd rather use this rope.

Too long we've spent on this lost cause and you are completely wrong if you think that I'm wasting another day on you. This time I'll get my revenge. If you think that this is the end sweetheart you've got another thing coming.

So I'll keep this to myself, a letter stashed up on my shelf, but I'd kill to tell you tasteless words that fell through us. Best friends tell me otherwise. They see through all your bullshit lies, but I'd believe you if you'd tell me that we're fine.

I'll finish this song with my bestfriends so please don't make amends. Three cheers for not missing you, I won't trust again.
Track Name: The Tonight Show
Giving up but never reall tried my best. Pathetic's the word that's always fit me best. Against the wall, I've got this weight on my chest. I wish we never met.

We are the kids with everything built up just to fall back down. We've got the maps and masterplan but I'd ruin everything. Hold onto everything you've got, you're spending time with everything I'm not. Replace my faults with so called "friends." This call's one I'll never send.

Pick it up now we're moving too slow. Can't think there's nowhere to go. You're right I'm always so wrong. This has gone on for too long. Story's over, so call your best friends. Story's over, that's how it always ends. Are we together? Are we just friends? I'll run for cover from these monthly trends.

Called it quits, we never really stood a chance. Pathetic's the word that's always fit me best. Looking back, I never really cared at all. I always knew we'd fall.

Counting down the time we have now, ticking hands on this clock move too slow. Angry words are hard to exchange, my feelings remain the same.
Track Name: I-90
I guess I don't know. I guess I'll try to find my way out. Many miles to go, are you still running on empty? These words will fall apart. Please save me, please save me.

counting those white lines as they pass by window on this three day trip. As these days skip, as the page flips, we'll never find our way back home. No destination, just seperation from the things that we all fucking hate. Don't send your letters, it's for the better. Your words won't fall on my deaf ears.

Many miles to go, I'm running on empty. I took my time wish I had hurried up. No one hears me when I scream please save me. It's awful hard to grow up.

I'll pack my bags and get out of here. No one can save me tonight I'm on my own this time. (I guess I don't know. I guess I'll find out) This is part of life, I'll get in the car and hit the interstate, hope it takes me far.

I've left everything behind. (with no trace, with no sign.) This song's familiar, but these words taste so new. How many miles will I drive until I feel alive? How many will I drive?
Track Name: James And The White Jeep
Live to laugh so please don't try to bring me down. Life's a path that sometimes goes out of bounds. It's a game without any cheat codes, a bad show with way too many episodes. Should I pick door one, two or three? But in the end I'm the on that holds the key. Gotta go there's no time to be afraid, I've picked a door and now it's time to meet my fate.

I'm pushing forward and moving on, playing music all day long. We've been driving for hours straight, playing venues in every state. We've been nervous since mile one. We're making fun of everyone. I call shot-gun all the way. I just can't wait to play.

Bright lights, I'm setting up on center stage. Knees shake, I've never been so afraid. This could make us, this could be our big break. This night's for every chance we'll ever take. Mic'd up, amps cranked up to ten, the crowd screams and there goes my confidence. Beads of sweat drop down to the floor. These notes will kick off our summer tour.

I'm pushing forward and moving on playing music all day long. I've got to go there's no time to be afraid. I've picked a door and...
Track Name: Win Some, Lose Some
Well, I can't find myself, found nothing, saved no one. My luck's run out again.

Here I am again, standing on my own, looking back at you I know; things could never go back.

I never wanted this she said. I can't go one she whispers in my ear. I can never make it back to you. I never wanted this she said. I can't go on without you.

Well, I can't find myself, found nothing saved no one. My lucks run out again. (You fucked this up, so here's your song. I thought what we had was something more.)
Well, I can't hold on now. It's over, don't come back. Your lucks run out this time. (Here I am again standing on my own, a thousand thoughts of you while I'm alone.)

Your Loss, I'm gone. I'm not coming back around. So here's to you, but you know the truth. I'm not going back, I'm never coming back. I'm through with you. I'm done with this. I'm not going back, I'm not going back.
Track Name: Let's Keep It Simple
Throw away your memories, put them in the cemetery that you visited last fall. I thought I'd change this time, watch myself fall behind everyone I've come to know. I'm so lost I can't find a way to change these days. This stress is building up, get me out of this mess. (Oh please just get me out.)

I'll take back everything that I said to you, those things I never meant. I caved, I lost touch with myself. I'm losing ground, just pull me back to you.

Let's keep this simple, than it ever was. I'm telling you that I am fine. Let's keep it simple just because I'm too tired to tell lies.

Throw away your memories and put them in the cemetery. I'll bury mine tonight. (I'm too tired) Throw away your memories and put them in the cemetery.

Caught up on the phone, six months speant at home. Hours of sleep deprived, when will I realize I can't do this on my own?
Track Name: Pregame At Blackstone Valley
Put it down we won't be like them, with multi-colored hair and twenty fake friends. You're telling me you're gonna go far, but you're just a loser that never cared at all. I'll go back to my dead end job where I make no pay and hate everyday. I guess I could quit but I don't give a shit. I wish summer would take me away.

I'll place my bets on everything you wrote away. I'll be the first to tell you that I'd never stay. In this little town I'll see you around, your lives are never gonna bring me down. You did this to yourself, and you're the one at fault. Stop blaming your life on someone else.

So we made it out and we're okay. It's getting better everyday. The kids behind aren't on my mind, we'll get the last laugh everytime. We made a name all for ourselves while you collect dust on the shelf. What's done is done, can't change the past. These memories we'll make them last.

I'll never go back to mall with all the stupid kids who never cared at all. They broke all the rules and dropped out of school. Well, it looks like we made a safe bet, we made our escape with no regrets. I won't come back, I'll never come back to this town. You said that I'd be nothing, I knew that I'd be something more than you could ever be.
Track Name: It's Been Real
Streets are empty. The ghosts of winter pass me by. Lights shine brightly, this concrete helps my dreams to die. I feel empty, a stranger in my own body. By this time next year I don't think that you'll remember my name. I'm just a skeleton inside your closet tearing away at your foundation.

We all crumble beneath skyscrapers. My heart's written on loose-leaf paper. Wrip it out and throw it away. This story's short but my eulogy will last forever. (Throw it away. You won't stay) This will be my final song.

My toungue's weary. I write these lines to pass the time. Can you hear me? My cry for help will pass you by.