Challenges/ WD​?​BD! Split

by Challenges/ Who's Driving? Bear's Driving!

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Say-10 Records

Corey Maynard - Vocals
Brian Dempsey - Guitar/Backing Vocals
Danny Massei - Guitar
Brandon Thomas - Bass
RJ Sumblin - Drums


released December 23, 2011

Engineer - Kory Gable of Pin-Up Recordings



all rights reserved


Challenges Worcester, Massachusetts

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Track Name: Present For A Best Friend
I watch you as you come unglued, can you tell that I am through. Best friend I can't stand you. You never stick to the plan and you seem to criticize all the friends you never liked. So fake a smile, stay a while, this list goes for miles.
Your time is short and your money's spent. You should've payed attention. All I can give you is my advice but in the end it's your life.
Take some time to realize your whole life is falling apart. It's falling apart. I just wanted you to know that you've hit an all time low. Your words have lost all meaning and now they're shot to hell. I used to know you all to well but best friends come cheap these days. I used to know you all to well. You changed.
Track Name: Everyone Loves Maverick
Lying face down on my pillow with a mind full of cobwebs and torn up photographs. Who gives a damn about these things, I want to light the world on fire, and watch it burn.
I'm trying, I'm still trying just to sort this out. I'm dying, I'm still dying just to tell you about...
All these songs are killing me and my heart's not where it used to be, oh yeah. And I don't care. Away, float away to the places I see in dreams. It's so nice to see all of the people I'll never meet. I'm sitting, standing up with my eyes wide shut, my back towards the wall, burning these torn up photographs. Lately I've been thinking so clear; there's no reason to glue the pieces back together again.